The best beaches in Menorca

Cala Pregonda

Cala Pregonda, Menorca

Cala Pregonda, known as the red cove of Menorca, is characterized by the clayey atmosphere of its sand and rocks, which contrasts with the transparency the clear water.

It is located in the northern island, about 8 kilometres from the town of Fornells.

One of the characteristics of Cala Pregonda is that it has some white islets that shelter it from the strong winds and waves. Very few people know that among these islets we can find small natural pools.

As being an almost virgin beach there is not any type of service, so it is recommended to take everything that is necessary. Besides to all its great features, you can practice nudism.

Cala Cavalleria

Playa de Cavalleria, Menorca

Cala Cavalleria located in the north of Menorca. It is very famous for being an unspoilt beach, and it is accessed by the road called “Cami de Tramuntana”.

It it has become one of the most famous beaches due to “mud baths”. It is usual for visitors to smear the body, with the mud that is extracted from its red and sandy rocks. It is characterized by the reddish colour of the sand and the wildness of the landscape.

At last but not least in the territory of the Marine Reserve you can enjoy diving into rich waters in underwater life.

Cala Tortuga

Cala Tortuga is a virgin beach, in the northern island, located next to the Lighthouse of Favàritx.

This beach is also well known among the Menorcan people as the Arenal of Morella.

As being a shallow beach, is a very good place for relaxing baths or children.

To arrive to Cala Tortuga, head towards Favàritx lighthouse or towards s’Albufera des Grau. Once you reach the road leading to the lighthouse, ignore the private property sign and go straight. Just before arriving at the lighthouse there is a free parking in which you can park. A few meters ahead there’s the informative poster of Cala Tortuga and Cala Presili.

Cala Tortuga, Menorca

Ets Alocs

Ets Alocs, unspoilt beach located in the northern Ferrerías, is very difficult to reach by road for vehicles. It is characterized by being a marine reserve of the biosphere, its rocky atmosphere and a very crystalline water.

It is a very protected area surrounded by a characteristic shrub, the Aloc, hence the name of the beach. There is no kind of service and as being a marine reserve it’s forbidden to fish.

The best access to the beach is from the Camí dels Alocs, a road that lies in the middle of the main road from Maó to Ciutadella. It is recommended to continue until the end, where there is no more asphalt, from that point to the parking area there is a path of stone and sand, quite uncomfortable, but not very long. Once you reach the parking, you have to follow a path of stone and sand that goes down, for 20 minutes.

Ets Alocs, Menorca