Guia turística

Menorca can offer you as a tourist destination, a very different alternative to the classic sun and beach travel. Menorca’s situation to the mainland, much farther than the other Balearic Islands, has hindered the massification because of the high transport costs, but we must not forget that the people of Menorca also has been strongly involved in the protection of nature and the natural environment of the island. So in Menorca we find one of the few places in the Mediterranean where  has bee respected the coast and the environment with almost heroic effort. It is true that access to the most recondite coves is laborious and uncomfortable but will agree that is an effort with a reward. We have right here,  very close to our country, beaches and coves that some tourists are looking for at the other end of the world. It is also true that environmental protection involves discomfort: the emergence of “seaweed” on the beaches is a recurring example. Another example: the roads are in perfect condition, but are not oversized for an island of just 80,000 inhabitants. Fortunately, information and education on environmental issues is leading us to the point where both locals and visitors understand the natural processes and we live harmoniously with them, we  “clean” the unspoilt beaches of the remains of Posidonia in the busiest months, and return them to their place finished the season, while respecting the natural cycle for the rest of the year. We do not get nervous if in August it took 10 minutes more on making Mahon-Ciutadella route, what we have to change worthwhile. In, wetry to provide info for you to enjoy Menorca, not in the sense of a mere list of shops and services, but a selection of places and things to do, which are the same as we, the minorcans, do.