Squid fishing in Menorca

One of the more traditional fishing methods of the island of Menorca is the squid jigging. Since mid-December to late March, fans of this addictive fishing way sail from their home ports (Mahon, Fornells or Ciutadella) a couple of hours before sunset to take advantage of the busiest times of the squid. These cephalopods,very appreciated in gastronomy, travel in groups that may have only a few or dozens of animals searching for food (small pelagic fish such as mackerel, bream or sardines) in very certain that good fishermen know thanks to the experience, such as Barra, Clapissar, or  Revogit. The fishing gear consists of a tapered lead (the jig) of 60 to 90 grams, wrapped in white linen (which can be combined with other colors) and a crown of sharp barbs that catch in the squid, which confuses the jig with a minnow in distress due to the movements that the fisherman gives it up and down the line, with a sequence of flips of each one, looking for the greatest effectiveness. The jig is called fluixa in the area of ​​Ciutadella and  calamarera in Mahon, and in recent years has lost ground to the fashion of Japanese-made birds, which are very effective when the squid are reluctant to attack traditional art. The fishing action is a series of searches of the area who may be the squid, which usually attack the lure quickly if they are eating, and return again and again to the place where it has been successful because the current moves the boat away slowly from the Senya, which is the exact point where they have bitten. Once the last light of dusk disappear is time to return to port, as the squid stop their attacks on the lures when the darkness is complete

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