Giant amberjack with natural bait

In late May or early June, amberjack (Seriola dumerili) are close to the coast of Menorca, to meet in smaller or larger groups in order to spawn. Traditionally Menorcans professional fishermen have pursued these large predators with special nets (Soltes) of about ten meters high, which is deployed in areas where listed fish tend to gather. These rock carvings are usually on a meadow of Posidonia, or near a wreck.

Anglers fished until the little craft with a reel (the nodo) mounted directly on the boat (which was always the typical llaüt), which was wrapped in hemp rope (and more recently a nylon 120 140) . As was often used bait marlin, cuttlefish and squid, fresh but always dead. Used a lead of 1000 or 1500 grams, tied directly to the line, who had also picked up when the line wrapped around the nodo. With this  so unsophisticated  fishing, there were only waiting for the bite and when the fish catch, motor acceleration to float the big fish, half dead on the surface, when it was beginning to turn the huge reel, which had no brake normally had no brake, to collect the piece.

Today, the fish are smarter (as they say), and it is difficult to deceive them with a nylon with would tow a boat, plus it is not very sporting.We use the 0.60 line in the final yards of our reel(Hart One or Shimano Stella 8000), and 350 meters of 0.35 mm dyneema. This ensures a sport fight  and lots of fun, although almost all options of victory, even with amberjacks up to 85 pounds. We use a lead of 400 grams and a very fresh cuttlefish as bait.



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